Integrated head warehouse configuration

Integrated first warehouse configuration for large and medium-sized items, with 1-on-one service for the entire process of sea freight first, overseas warehousing, and final delivery, providing efficient response 24 hours a day

Intelligent matching of optimal tail distance

Intelligent matching based on order situation, optimal delivery plan

Multiple warehouses for faster delivery

Multi point warehouse layout in the West, East, Southeast, and Canada, with nearby warehouses to ensure timeliness, with daily processing capacity exceeding 30000 orders

Multi platform one piece shipping

Self developed digital system for efficient integration with Amazon and Wayfair Walmart, eBay, TheHomeDepot,, Waiting for multiple channels to send one package on behalf of others

Refinement of partition within the library

Set up a dedicated area for high value and electrified products, with high standards for entry and exit, making it safer and more efficient

Customized solutions for major customers

Customizing exclusive solutions for KA customers, intelligently optimizing inventory management and reducing costs Comprehensive logistics cost

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