Bank of China 365 is an import trade
foreign exchange purchase The only online unlimited system

Collaborate with well-known financial institutions to establish a financial network for fast and compliant handling of foreign exchange international settlement business. This is an independent virtual sub account opened by merchants under the cooperative bank account, with the customer as the unit. The bank supervises the funds and helps you complete the export collection international settlement business, ensuring profits.

International trade payment settlement

Honesty and integrity can promote the prosperity of the world.

Bank of China

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Import collection
inward remittance
A bright future, accompanied by China Construction Bank.

China Construction Bank

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Export Negotiation
export collection
Cross border trade, payment without borders.


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LianLian Global

Global Collection
Multi currency exchange
Preferred exchange rate

Technology finance empowers e-commerce to go global

One stop efficient financial services
Accelerate capital turnover, ensure safety, efficiency, and convenience

World Commodity Network connects banks, core enterprises, logistics companies, e-commerce platforms, and financial technology companies through its distribution and trade service platform, to manage cross-border trade orders, contracts, and cargo rights online throughout the entire process, achieving comprehensive solutions for data analysis, risk management, credit services, and fund mobilization.

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Blockchain cross-border payment system

Six major measures to comprehensively ensure customer safety

Compliance First
System safety
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Fund security