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Global certified shop

With WorldMerchandise`s global Certified Shop opening service, you can quickly create your own global shop and showcase your products and services. We will provide you with a series of certification services such as reputation certification, brand certification, and product certification to help you build a reliable business image and attract more global buyers` attention and trust.

Gtrade Al

As the world`s first foreign trade AI, Gtrade AI will provide you with intelligent foreign trade services. Through data analysis, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, we provide you with accurate import and export data, global buyer acquisition, global cloud exhibition, global procurement needs and other functions to help your products quickly go to sea and achieve greater commercial success.

Foreign exchange settlement and purchase

The foreign exchange settlement and purchase service of the World Commodity Network will provide you with convenient and fast foreign exchange services. Whether you need to purchase a foreign currency payment provider, or you need to settle your overseas income into local currency, we can help you complete fast and secure foreign exchange settlement and purchase operations, reduce exchange risks, and improve the efficiency of capital utilization.

Cloud exhibition cloud marketing qualification

As a member of the World Commodity Network, you will have the opportunity to participate in the global cloud marketing activities. By participating in the cloud exhibition cloud marketing, you can communicate with global buyers online, display products, negotiate cooperation, without going abroad to expand the international market, improve product exposure and sales opportunities.

Electronic contract

World Commodity network provides convenient electronic contract services to help you sign contracts online, reducing the time and cost of contract signing. You can safely negotiate, sign and file contracts with suppliers or buyers through our platform, fully guaranteeing the security and legality of transactions.

PPT Foreign trade service

Peitong is a one-stop foreign trade service platform provided by the World Commodity Network for enterprises. Through PTC, you can enjoy more professional and efficient foreign trade services, including logistics, customs declaration, warehousing, customs tax refund and other links, to help you achieve smooth supply chain management and order execution.

Gtrade365 annual fee member

¥ 19888 /year

Corporate member

¥ 68000 /year

Enterprise going overseas (overseas promotion)

World Commodity network will provide you with professional business services to help you establish brand image in overseas markets, improve product awareness and market share. Through market research, marketing, social media marketing and other means, we will develop personalized overseas promotion solutions for you to help your business to go overseas.

Factory visit video shooting

The World Commodity network can make a full English factory visit video shooting service for members, so that buyers can visit your production factory remotely, and understand their production capacity, equipment status, quality control and other conditions in real time. This will help you better gain the trust of buyers and improve the efficiency of customer success.

Reasons for choosing us

1、The global number of users exceeds 53w, with a cumulative registered user base of 530000; A trusted foreign trade transaction and service platform for users

2、Secure transactions and payments Secure transactions and payments ensure the security of your funds and information, ensuring the reliability and confidentiality of the transaction process.

3、The first foreign trade AI Seller Service Center in China provides intelligent services and support for foreign trade sellers.

4、 Multi category and multi industry cloud sales provide comprehensive online display and sales solutions for various industries.

5、One stop comprehensive ecological foreign trade service; One stop full ecological foreign trade services help you easily expand into the global market.

6、One of the platforms with the largest number of data sources in 33 trading countries, with original customs data maintained weekly and monthly updates.

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