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Laboratory testing services
Rock identification, ore testing, mineral product testing, and laboratory training
Mineral processing technology services
Mineral processing test gold, technical transformation and debugging, plant contracting, plant design, mineral processing supervision...
Mining technology services
Mining design, mining contracting, excavation of rock and soil slopes, mining supervision
Environmental protection and safety
Environmental assessment, comprehensive private use of tailings, wastewater treatment, mine reclamation and restoration, safety
Mining rights trading
Mining rights and assets (selling mines)
Mining rights investment (buying ore)
Mining Engineering Services
Mining investment planning, mining contracting, mining supervision, installation and construction, and mining transportation
technical knowledge
Geological exploration, mining technology, mineral processing technology, gold treatment technology, tailings utilization, safety and environmental protection, mining and petrochemical industry Comprehensive inspection and mining
Warehouse receipt transactions
The platform provides fast, flexible, and secure warehouse receipt trading services for commodity quality to meet the demand for cross regional swaps of similar bulk commodities, and uses freight basis to balance regional price differences. Implement a short selling mechanism for commodity spot trading, seeking …
Barter transactions
The platform’s submission of barter services can solve overcapacity and inventory problems in enterprises, maximize profits, and also drive international import and export trade. There is no cash flow added during the barter transaction, effectively reducing relevant tax expenses and making trade easier and more…
Foreign exchange custody
The platform provides a time-saving, labor-saving, efficient, and convenient foreign exchange custody service for unified ordering operations, which can ensure faster ordering and closing speed, and can more sensitively respond to price and trend changes. There is strict stop loss and risk control, position contr…