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Software copyright registration

  • Computer software copyright registration
  • APP electronic copyright authentication certificate

Copyright registration of works

  • Copyright registration of written works
  • Copyright Registration of Quyi Works
  • Copyright registration of art works
  • Copyright registration of dance works
  • Acrobatic works copyright registration
  • Copyright registration of audiovisual works
  • Art works copyright registration
  • Copyright registration of oral works
  • Registration of copyright of dramatic works
  • Dance works copyright registration
  • Graphic works copyright registration
  • Copyright registration of other works
Copyright Service

Copyright registration process

Strictly control the time nodes and proficiently connect with various processes

Copyright Service

Initial stage of trademark registration
  • Trademark design

    For consultation, please call 950808 to 6#, senior designer 1 to 1 full service

    Exclusive LOGO, registered trademark must

    48 hours for a first draft Low price to build brand image

  • Trademark preference

    Ready-made trademarks, ready to buy

    2 million quality trademark resources for you to choose from

    Trademark trading manager one-on-one online service Real-time monitoring of all nodes Carefully selected, carefully selected the bid The large platform is guaranteed, and the transaction is more secure

  • Overseas trademark application

    Call 950808 to 6, protect the brand, easily enter the cross-border mall, exclusive brand

    Follow up the whole service guarantee

    Expert consultant 1 to 1 customized service Open and transparent, real-time tracking Overseas branch and professional lawyer team, agent trademark protection

The registration process is blocked
  • Review of trademark rejection

    Professional consultants for your trademark exclusive rights

    Applicable to trademark substance examination failed

    Professional case consultant one-on-one service The important remedy way after the rejection of trademark registration

  • Defence of trademark objection

    When a trademark registration passes the preliminary examination and is opposed during the announcement period, it should actively refute and strive to improve the success rate

    Professional case consultant one-on-one service

    Rich experience, peace of mind to buy Customized exclusive solution

  • Trademark withdrawal three applications

    A trademark that has been registered by another person for three years and has not been used in accordance with the law shall be cleared of the previously idle trademark

    Expert 1 to 1 service, tailored solutions

    The application process is transparent and the progress can be checked in real time Data security protection gives you peace of mind

Use after successful registration
  • Trademark renewal

    After the expiration of the registered trademark need to continue to use, the whole process can be self-handled, fast and easy to operate, can help you quickly renew the trademark

    High success rate

    Simple procedure, low risk, short time Timely renewal can avoid trademark expiration by squatting

  • Trademark alteration

    Call 950807 to 6#, professional consultant service, free consultation and submission of application

    Professional intellectual property consultant to write the application

    Follow up the progress of trademark office acceptance, real-time notification Reliable solution: tailored, multi-audit

  • Trademark Assignment

    To transfer a trademark to another person, an application must be filed with the Trademark Office.

    Follow up the whole service guarantee

    Expert consultant 1 to 1 customized service Open and transparent, real-time progress tracking


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  • Copyright Change

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