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China (Ganzhou) 9th Furniture Industry Online Expo
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China (Ganzhou) 9th Furniture Industry Online Expo In order to further enhance the popularity and influence of Nankang furniture brand, activate the “new engine” of industrial upgrading, vigorously implement the “Double No. 1 Project” deployment of the province, city and district, expand and strengthen the digital economy industry, and driven Nankang furniture industries’ online and offline development, and build an industrial e-commercial cluster of 100 billion yuan in Nankang, the organizer of the Nankang home expo decides to hold tChina(Ganzhou)the Ninth Furniture Industry Online Expo concurrently from June 28 to July 5, 2022.

Activity Time: June 28 to July 5, 2022 Activity Method: China(Ganzhou)the Ninth Furniture Industry Online Expo will realize global synchronous live broadcast through the cloud exhibition and cloud sales platform built by Gtrade365, build a one-to-one communication platform for each participant. PayPayTone SaaS international comprehensive service platform, as the only full ecological trade service platform, provides one-stop international trade supply chain solutions. This online expo is honored to invite the leaders of Nankang District People’s Government and Ganzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce to deliver opening remarks. It is expected that around 200 leading purchasing and supply enterprises in the industry will participate in the expo, and leading e-commerce companies such as, Alibaba, Pinduoduo, and Douyin will participate. The person in charge of these platforms will give speeches, which is expected to reach 5 million online viewings.

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  • dining room dining table and chairs
    • Shipping to Canada
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    The dining room with steel and wood structure has a 4-person/6-person dining table and chairs, which can be disassembled and transported. 4 person size 1200*600*750 6 person size 1800*600*750(mm) The bracket requires a steel pipe with a thickness of 1.2mm or more The desktop material is solid wood board with a thickness of 20mm

  • wooden bed
    • Shipping to Arab Emirates
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    Frame structure, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 meters three kinds of wooden beds (excluding mattresses) and supporting cabinets. Other requirements: 1.2m size with one bedside table, the rest with two bedside tables; the distance between the keels of the bed board is not more than 2cm; a third-party test report is required;

  • hotel carpet
    • Shipping to Australia
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    Purchasing carpets for living rooms and hotels. Suppliers are required to provide contracts for exporting more than 1,000 square meters within one year; suppliers are required to pass SGS certification; provide third-party test reports; provide samples or product catalogues;

  • Wooden stair handrails and railings
    • Shipping to France
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    Wooden staircase handrails and railings. Requirements: 1. A contract for supplying the European region within one year is required; 2. The supplier needs to pass the FSC certification; 3. Provide samples or product catalogues; 4. Can be processed according to the design drawings; 5. The product needs to provide a third-party test report Ensure compliance with EU environmental protection requirements;

  • Pakistani customers need to purchase living room sofa
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    Pakistani customers need to purchase 900 sets of living room sofas. Suppliers are required to pass iso14001 environmental safety certification and FSC certification。

  • A Singaporean client purchased a solid wood dresser.
    • Shipping to Singapore
    • Standard Product
    • Household goods

    Customers in Singapore purchase solid wood dressers and require products with CE certification. The demand quantity is 800 sets per month.

Products Display
Products Display
  • Drapes-P08036 Frosted Pineapple US $26.00
  • Drapes-G06116 Stone Forest US $20.00
  • Drapes-M05036 Breeze US $18.50
  • Curtain VC0328——Aisu US $23.67
  • Curtain VC0322_Centrilla US $23.67
  • Curtain VC0305 Fashion Variation US $21.96
  • Oak Wood Bed US $160.00
  • Spring Mattress US $160.00
  • HM-032 bed 1.5m 1.8m Rubber wood bed US $130.00
  • Children Squirrel Bed US $300.00
  • HM-033 bed 1.5m 1.8m Rubber wood bed US $148.00
  • Solid Wood Fabric Sofa US $350.00
  • Strap Leather Soft Sofa US $1000.00
  • Soft Sofa 3+1 US $400.00
  • HM-034 Rubber wood Solid Wood Sofa US $104.00
  • HM-016 Soft Sofa US $600.00
  • HM-013 Nordic Beech Sofa US $550.00
  • HM-014 Soft Sofa US $660.00
Participating Companies
Participating Companies
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