By providing information on 50 mainstream
countries worldwideEnterprise certification
providesMore secure blockchain electronic contracts

Strictly following industry laws and regulations for research and development design, possessing multiple industry authoritative qualifications such as CMMI3 and three-level filing certificate for information system security protection. Adopting separate permission control of three members, ensuring the security of user seals and data. At the same time, it has the ability to prevent information tampering, protect security and privacy, and store data throughout the entire business chain, providing users with secure, compliant, and reliable digital trusted product services

Identity security

Personal identity security

Provide face recognition, Alipay, mobile phone number, bank card and other online services Authentication method, issuing a trusted digital identity certificate for individual user D, ensuring Ensure the authenticity of user identity and reliable data.

Organizational identity security

Enterprise organizations provide business licenses, tax registration certificates, legal person ID cards, legal person authorization letters, and agent ID cards, all of which are integrated with relevant identity recognition systems for industry and commerce and public security, ensuring that the identity of each organization signed on the platform is true and reliable, ensuring legal effectiveness.

Global Enterprise Certification

Electronic signing and contract management covering over 50 countries worldwide
Identity authentication:

Conduct real name authentication for enterprises from over 50 countries both domestically and internationally to ensure the authenticity and validity of signed enterprises and personal information.

Electronic contract:

Sign online, quickly proceed, and simplify the signing process.

Data storage certificate:

The entire process of identity authentication and contract signing can be traced back. Provide legal evidence for safeguarding rights

System docking:

Embedded in the e-commerce system, e-commerce platform users complete the process from confirming their willingness to cooperate to signing contracts on the platform, improving the user experience.

Data security

The platform is based on authoritative digital signatures and adopts secure encryption technology
Anti tampering of operation logs

The platform’s electronic signature system adopts a three member discrete design, with independent audit function. The system automatically records various seal making, downloading, and signing data, forms operation logs, and adds digital signatures, ensuring full tamper resistance.

Anti theft and anti tampering of signed documents

The platform adopts asymmetric encryption and digest algorithms to ensure that every electronic file is not stolen or tampered with during transmission. Even internal technical personnel on the platform cannot see your file content.

System safety

All hardware of the contract lock has been tested by relevant national security institutions to achieve the adaptation of the entire industry chain of innovation. All software is designed and developed according to the bank’s security level, and has the same legal effect as paper signatures.
Rigorous identity authentication

Integrate the ID electronic identity system of the Ministry of Public Security for individual user contract locks, authenticate their identities in real-time online, and ensure the true identity of the contracting parties; Enterprise legal person users, certified by the platform through integration with the business system.

Authoritative CA issues digital certificates

The platform has been connected to major CA centers nationwide to verify digital certificates To ensure the legality and validity of signatures authenticated through digital certificates.

Protective pressure measurement of printing control instrument

The printing controller is made of pure metal material and is completely enclosed and isolated on all four sides. After performance testing, it has anti swapping and anti brute force cracking functions, effectively preventing the risks encountered when carrying the seal.

Bank level security protection

The platform adopts bank level security protection measures, from the underlying service architecture to the front-end business logic design and development, to comprehensively ensure the security of agreements signed between you and customers.

Your information is only visible to you

Connect with the CA center, encrypt through digital certificates, and only those with authenticity Only valid digital electronic certificates can be opened for browsing, and even internal technical personnel on the platform cannot see your file content.

Anti tamper encryption method: encryption standard

The files verified by SHA-256 hash technology will not be modified, allowing you to Verify the authenticity and absence of tampering of the file. Even internal personnel of the contract lock cannot modify your document.

Comprehensive backup strategy

The platform provides financial security backup at the bank transaction level, in addition to local backup and remote backup, ensuring the security and integrity of all customer data. Comprehensive backup to prevent information loss.

Financial level secure storage

The platform provides you with a secure storage environment at the financial level. All documents on the platform are transmitted using AES standard 256-bit SSL encryption to prevent tampering and ensure authenticity and validity.

International standardized information security

A comprehensive financial level security solution standard electronic contract cloud platform has been established in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization Information Security Management System standards A scientific and effective management system to ensure the personal information of users.